So let me go....and just listen

tainted ♥
28 February
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this is me yeah i know i rock lol

Shy,timid ? Not me :D I am a bold assertive, sweet girl I enjoy life, my family, my friends, and I thank God everyday for the things I have.


Movies are my passion and music defines my existence

-:- likes -:-

hugs, hand masssages,mutual love, hot chocolate when it's cold, laying in bed, singing loudly to my favorite Cds(ie.britney,Incubus,coldplay),dancing,kickboxing tae bo ;), my unique vocabulary(Ghaey, nacca,shaista),new crushes, laughing at stupid things, the color PINK,my youth group and LJ stuff

\\dislikes //

ignorance, ppl. who make assumptions, angry drivers, guys that cant take a hint, frenemies, people who dislike u by association,ppl.who are uber thin and say they're fat, hypocrites

ppl that truly matter to me : missy,audry vane and nikki
manny,fubby, bojangles ::my old friends, my true friends:: ::i my Lj buddies::

♥ Love or hate me...I'm always on your mind ♥